I feel driven to express myself in this way but it is overwhelming and gratifying to know that my passion can inspire others.

Genevieve Bergé, a local contemporary artist works with mixed media on canvas. She displays her work in public spaces at Old Nick Village, which can be purchased from an adjacent shop.
My inspiration is predominantly drawn from nature, elements of the beauty that surround us. My motto is too abandon preconceptions and to let the paints and various materials work their magic, with a little help from me.

Quintessentially I paint because I love it and find it to be a satisfying means of self expression. The experimentation of different media is reflective of life and the turns it takes.
My art is not an intellectual pursuit. The essence of my approach is losing myself in the moment, unleashing my inner child and reaching a place where there is no right or wrong. Experimentation with different media is therefore natural which in itself is reflective of life and the turns it takes.
A heart has always been my favourite symbol, as it epitomizes LOVE, which is beautiful in all realms. Whether it is love for your child, your partner, your pet, a friend or a family member, it is something that everyone can resonate with and with more Love; the world can only become a more beautiful place. True to the famous song;
“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of..’’
I have always been creative, from a very young age and with my background in Interior Design I fell in love with art, which led to me painting and finding my niche style. It’s a beautiful meditative space for me, where I feel at home.
For commissions and to meet the artist, please contact Genevieve directly.